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The Plot: Casting Call! When the 'bad boys' of the TTCHH (Trinidad & Tobago Christian Hip Hop) Fraternity were approached by brainchild 2ndjon for this All Star “A List” collaboration they never thought the final product would embody the mechanics of a Michael Bay Transformers installment. The cast debuted the original screenplay written/directed by the rhyme slayer,multi-talented, creative 2ndjon and his infamous company HD (Heaven Dzign), stuntman vidoegrapher Dane Phillips of DP Pro, featured the undisputed heavy weight champion producer/singer/songwriter/rapper extraordinaire Nathanael, Audio Production prodigious aesthetics from the Tribal Guru himself DJ Bodyroc, topped with the keen insight of secondary production by the Creative Director mastery of Mr. Dannel Flaveny- Expression House Media.

As with all great blockbuster hits, what would any such production of this calibre be without its share of cameos? The Frat brothers came out in full support exhibiting a true unified arsenal, Christian Hip Hop Nation style. The line up boasted of TTCHH veteran Shiselon, lyrical terminator Farenite, the original bad boy of gospel Udo Ibeleme, fresh off the press newbie Jahzy, hero Lyndon “Superz” Superville, number one contender Jadee, dope boy Rich Angel and last but certainly not, least the unmatched heavy weight freestyle mastermind Antus.

Naturally, when I received the call to step in as set location manager, I all but leaped into my super hero costume and delved into action. The first half of the video already oozed that 'this means war', 'street gang', 'zero tolerance', 'christian thug stomping on the enemy camp', 'no reception to tricks' feel; so all we needed was a second location that added the dimensions and mechanics that contrastingly complimented the uncanny characteristics already in motion. Tucked away neatly in central Trinidad the ideal set, demolition site “Secret Location X” that cut off all connections from any such distortions,was ours for the taking!

The visual effects undoubtedly paralleled the lyrical fusion of both artistes. This scriptural metaphoric ballad evokes vivid responses with references to having the super-hero like ability of X-Ray vision, coupled with the sight of the three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace- reminiscent of the life and experiences of the song's trio 2ndjon, Nathanael and DJ Bodyroc. A trait of literary brilliance etched in the work of these two powerful ministers. Nothing short of a lethal weapon when combined.

However, I implore you, don't just take my word for it, take a gander at this ingenious offering. The Transformers plot may not have been as far fetched after all, maybe just maybe, all puns were intended as the song speaks of true life transformation only translated by Holy Ghost power. Indeed rendering room for the enemy as a D E A D Z O N E.