Young Phenom "Reasons (Proud of Me)" Review

Young Phenom Young Phenom

In the global socio-political climate of today, where the traditional value and expectations of manhood are questioned in the media, Young Phenom steps forward to speak about the elemental forces that continue to propel him to leave a lasting impact. His latest offering "Reasons (Proud of Me)", is sonically chill, atmospheric and speaks to the desire of a young man to live up to the personal, spiritual and familial responsibilities of manhood. Never one to gloss over his setbacks and struggles in music, ministry and business, Young Phenom treats listeners as if they are intimate confidantes. The song is brilliantly cemented by the chorus, "Proud of me, I just want to make my mama a 'dem proud of me. Proud of me, I just want to make my queen real proud of me. Proud of me, Pops always knew that I had it, he proud of me. I'll lose my mind if I ever hear my God say He proud of me." As a result, "Reasons (Proud of Me)" stands tall and places the heart of every man on a platform of virtue, showcasing our desire to prove our worth and to take care of the people that we love and respect.

Frequently, however, our aspirations land us in conflict. The hip hop song's opening lines juxtaposition the purity of Young Phenom's intent with the challenges of navigating through the music industry. "I had to switch doors those songs just won't cut it for me. Been in the studio for years now, what I gotta show for it? Tired of talking 'bout it same things, when we 'gon go for it? Told myself this one's my home run, man I'm going for it. Reality checks in my name but I ain't checking for it. Instead 'a checking on me they criticize, where the check for me? Hear them talking out of my name but they won't check for me. Ask for one assist in the game, they say they praying for me, ignore me." This philosophical balancing act holds a mirror to the face of our dreams. We must overcome internal as well as external setbacks in order to build. Remembering that creating music, especially in underdeveloped markets with shifting resources, can topple the best laid plans. Through it all Young Phenom's recent International recognition with 8 Prayze Factor People's Choice Award nominations appears to confirm that although delayed, his hard work is built on good ground.

Skillful songwriting and the delivery of an artistic, lyrical flow may be this genre’s foundation, but creative production provides the structural integrity to support great music. The production and MC elements that are woven throughout "Reasons (Proud of Me)", borrow heavily from the sing/rap flavor that has become synonymous with the pioneering, collaborative sound of Canadian music producer 40 and hip-hop artist Drake. The keyboard sampling is reminiscent of the work done by American producer Skrillex and pop star Justin Bieber. Young Phenom's flow alternates between "Drake territory" and his own, with a dash of the popular trap music triplet flow that dominates the U.S. hip hop scene to competitive effect.

A hip hop song that speaks about responsibility to others and demonstrates that obstacles can be overcome through faith in God are few and far between these days. Young Phenom delivers this message well, with catchy music that can be played anywhere in the world. We are proud of him and believe you will be too.

Listen to "Reasons (Proud of Me)" below.

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