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"The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few"....and if you know anything about these ants, they have assiduously been at the picking, storing up for winter. When we speak about labour and cultivation in the kingdom, it goes without saying by way of unanimous vote, these two gentleman are irrefutably synonymous with the cause. Naturally, a work of art is birthed when the "Daniell" spirit of excellence, supernovas with the man in whom there is no deceit. Bible trivia 101: if you haven't surmised the identities of my mystery ants just yet then clarification is up next. Introducing Jahziel 'Jahzy' Daniell x Ryan 'Nathanael' Hamilton = ' We Home'. At this point I should relax my pen strokes and allow your minds to marinate in the magnitude of the stature of this dynamic duo. Alas the show must go on, thus our journey begins with the former of the two, in the brazen city of St. James, Trinidad.

The "Daniell" stylised as "Jahzy" is no stranger to the local gospel circuit. The outward grandeur of this young stalwart is draped in an eloquence and assertiveness equated by the assurity of fully understanding who he is and whose he is. At first glance, you may be beguiled by his boyish charms, magazine-ready smile and unfailing urban runway outfitting; that is until the utterance of his jovial demeanour unclads the sleeping giant armed with wisdom, kingdom purpose and fierce passion is unleashed, disrupting the dormant airwaves of everyday life.

Admittedly, the Announcer/DJ/Speaker /Host/Singer-Songwriter has always had his roots embedded in the entertainment industry. When asked about the accountability for his notable transition from announcer to artiste, Jahzy attributes his years of growing up in studio with his step father and uncle who were both DJ's; surrounded by secular artistes such as Militant, General Grant and Jamelody; as some of his earliest influences. The corner stone of this foundation, however, ultimately being that of his Grandfather, Mr. Alvin Daniell who served as Manager to some of our local historical greats such as Soca King Super Blue and intellectual conspirator, Calypsonian Kurt Allen. He played an integral role in solidifying his grandson's path to musical ingenuity, by harnessing his writhing prowess through compositions they dually penned for his school's Junior Calypso Monarch competitions. For Jahzy singing was a part of his DNA, as he shared that his first ever major concert was the one he collectively threw with DJ cousins 'The Lion Twin', at the tender age of eight in his hometown of St James. Spoiler Alert: no surprise there, typical Jahzy! With hits like 'Good Intentions', 'Sailing', 'Zion' not to mention Christmas soca parang favourites 'Why Yuh So' and 'Eat my Belly Full', nowadays, he credits his growth in vocal articulation to the precision of songstress headmaster Vanessa Briggs, at 'THE VOCADEMY’. Additionally, Ms. Briggs alongside multi-talented Mark Dingwell of Gates Praise, provide the melodious background vocals on the single. 

Up next, nestled quietly in west Trinidad, is the infamous, deadly, ninja-like force of the ever elusive, nonchalant, creative kingpin Nathanael; whose reclusive mien can almost scream anarchy. Undeniably a force to be reckoned with, the extensive credentials of his expertise serve as Singer/Co- Writer on this project. The amalgamation of "We Home", according to Jahzy, originated about a year ago, whilst the pair were working on separate projects at the studio of Dojo master producer DJ Bodyroc. Destiny would have it, as they carpooled one evening listening to the pre recorded beat of the producer, that it would ignite the torch reflectant of their desire to see a restored Trinidad&Tobago. Amidst a crucial time in our country, where violence rendered society volatile, their call to arms beseeches trinbagonians to reset their gaze on God.

In every sense, the song appeals to the call for national pride founded upon the premise of the biblical promise found in 2Chronicles 7:14. They left no stone unturned for the reconnaissance of this gem. The lyrical video charismatically depicts the breathtaking, captivating, unblemished beauty of 'La Trinity'. ('La Trinity' was bestowed its unique name by Christopher Columbus in his thanks to God for allowing him to make it safely to land. The land known as Trinidad, boasted three distinctive hills forming the Northern Range, which to Colombus also represented the God-head three in one - Father, Son & Holy Ghost, hence 'The Trinity'. ) Jahzy sought after the vision encapsulated by videographer Josh Samaroo for the indigenous footage, "At times I like working with youths like myself", he stated as the reasonging for this particular collaboration with Samaroo. The usual suspect for his video bouts, Expression House Media is allegedly in reserve for a bonus treat.

Ironically, the immense vision for 'We Home', which iconically unfolded on the 07.07.2017, aligns each of its pieces strategically. From the towering artwork; branded by Bertrand '2ndjon' HD (Heaven Dzign); of the faces of these two young men patented in the design of our national flag representative of their "Knight De Exemplars" role model characteristics, to the marrying of the rhythmic soca beat with the truth of the gospel. Indeed the song evokes a battle cry, an inspirational call home to Trinidadians the world over. Return your hearts, your praise, your prayers back unto La Trinity. As we hold onto a promised hope of the Heaveny Father, I too proudly echo this national reverb of the Red, White and black....Gentlemen hoist the colours!

Watch the video for "We Home" below.

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