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Young Phenom "Reasons (Proud of Me)" Review

In the global socio-political climate of today, where the traditional value and expectations of manhood are questioned in the media, Young Phenom steps forward to speak about the elemental forces that continue to propel him to leave a lasting impact. His latest offering "Reasons (Proud of Me)", is sonically chill, atmospheric and speaks to the desire of a young man to live up to the personal, spiritual and familial responsibilities of manhood. Never one to gloss over his setbacks and struggles in music, ministry and business, Young Phenom treats listeners as if they are intimate confidantes. The song is brilliantly cemented by the chorus, "Proud of me, I just want to make my mama a 'dem proud of me. Proud of me, I just want to make my queen real proud of me. Proud of me, Pops always knew that I had it, he proud of me. I'll lose my mind if I ever hear my God say He proud of me." As a result, "Reasons (Proud of Me)" stands tall and places the heart of every man on a platform of virtue, showcasing our desire to prove our worth and to take care of the people that we love and respect.


We Home: Welcome to The Islands

"The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few"....and if you know anything about these ants, they have assiduously been at the picking, storing up for winter. When we speak about labour and cultivation in the kingdom, it goes without saying by way of unanimous vote, these two gentleman are irrefutably synonymous with the cause. Naturally, a work of art is birthed when the "Daniell" spirit of excellence, supernovas with the man in whom there is no deceit. Bible trivia 101: if you haven't surmised the identities of my mystery ants just yet then clarification is up next. Introducing Jahziel 'Jahzy' Daniell x Ryan 'Nathanael' Hamilton = ' We Home'. At this point I should relax my pen strokes and allow your minds to marinate in the magnitude of the stature of this dynamic duo. Alas the show must go on, thus our journey begins with the former of the two, in the brazen city of St. James, Trinidad.