Stefan "The Scientist" Moss: Musical Journeyman

Stefan “The Scientist” Moss, a native Bahamian, is a musical journeyman who has 20 years of experience in the industry. That alone speaks for his ambition and persistence. Stefan is an intellectual man who is very down-to-earth in his approach to delivering his progressive ideals through his creative pursuits. There is a unique blend of artful emotion, personal morality, and scientific curiosity that makes Stefan such a successful renaissance man. Yet his humble spirit and strong desire to stay in touch with his family keeps Stefan directed on his God-driven path of self-excavation. 

None of the titles we could put over your head seem to fit. We could call you a singer, hip hop artist, reggae artist, poet, scientist, professor, father, husband and more. For those who are just hearing about you, who is Stefan Moss?

To be honest, I’m a beggar trying to tell another beggar where to find bread. I’m a kingdom citizen. I’m a 242 (Bahamas area code) representative. I’m someone who just loves God and believes that God has a call on his life and just going after it. You know? Sometimes you have people who leave the Bahamas and then they forget where they came from and all of the things that make us who we are. And all of those things were formed and forged on that rock. [Stefan laughs] Yes, it’s all a critical, essential part of who you are. From my experience, I was really introduced to you back in the days of cassette tapes with your group, Supernatural. [Stefan laughs] Yes!

Supernatural was the Bahamian hip hop group that had you, Manifest, TaDa, and of course the one and only Double Six in it correct?

I have to take you back in time two years before that with a group named Ekklesia. Ekklesia was the first group that we started. We started it back in ‘94 and our manager at the time was Quincy Parker, a.k.a. Daddy Q. He was really instrumental. We did a couple talent shows; myself, a guy by the name of Dana Knowles and another guy by the name of Jeron Reckley. We did a couple talent shows at our church, BFM, and Quincy was there like, “Hey, we need to form a group.” So we formed this group Ekklesia and we started hitting the churches and going out in parks, outreaches, ministering to people, and talking about our faith, sharing our life experiences and we did that for a year or two. Almost three years. We traveled with Pastor Dave Burrows, who was the youth pastor at Bahamas Faith Ministries. We traveled to several countries, got a chance to really get out there ministering and sharing our testimony. After a while we started going our separate ways but I was still hungry to do more music. So I connected with Raymond "Double Six" Eneas and of course the international Terneille “TaDa” Burrows to form the group Supernatural. Now that particular version of the group ended when I decided to go off to school. Taking the place of me in the group was Lavard Parks a.k.a. Manifest who we all know now as the Positive Prince of Hip Hop.



Keith: You're also a bit of a social butterfly, how you speak of the party company and all that stuff. Does this come from your family life? How important is family to you?

Giorgio: Being social is a part of my personality. My father is very open. My mother is a sociable person. That’s just in my nature, to be personable. And you know, when you have a business, that's key. Even if I don't remember people's names I still hail them. This is something my wife told me, from the poorest person to the richest I don't change how I deal with people. When I'm with my friends who from Lyford Cay, my friend who lives Carmichael Road, I don't let people around me change me. And that’s what people appreciate from me. Always constant. No BS. You know how long you’ve known me Keith, you know me to change?

Keith: No, no man. I don't.

Giorgio: That's what I'm saying. No matter what's going on.

Keith: You were married a year ago and together recently welcomed your first child into the world. Congratulations to you.

Giorgio: Thank you.

Keith: How have both experiences influenced the way you perceive the world, becoming a husband and becoming a father?



Keith: I know it takes a lot of planning to launch a business, but it also takes a lot of faith. What keeps you grounded? Focused?

Giorgio: My family. My wife keeps me very grounded. Anytime I start spiraling out of control with ideas, she kind of brings me back down and says, "You need to focus on what's important.” Every day I tell myself, "Focus, focus, focus..." because as an artist, your mind could just be going at one hundred miles an hour and you could mess up on the small details. Like right now even though I’m focusing on the watch, there's some other little side stuff that I'm working with the brand that I can't reveal yet, but it's important that I remember that my true goal is the watch… The brand is not going to end with just the watch.

I'm expanding into a lot of things that I like. See, I'm the type of person, like this David Yurman jewelry [I’m wearing], If I knew I


Supernova: A Tribute to Kevan “Kevi Kev” McKenzie

The Bible tells us in the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 “There is time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens, a time to born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot.”

Kevan McKenzie embraced the time and seasons of life with courage, vigor and determination, refusing to waste one moment but rather investing every drop with passion, conviction and purpose.

A Time to Be Born

On April 13th, 1962 a bouncing baby boy was born to the late Bishop Hubert Stanley McKenzie and his wife, the late Mother Lydia Mizpah McKenzie, on the beautiful Island of New Providence. This godly couple blessed him with the name Kevan Marcus. It was widely accepted in the McKenzie household that Kevan was his mother’s “Golden Boy” and she encouraged him to develop and use his gifts and talents for the Lord at an early age. Kevan’s father also encouraged him to use every gift and talent he had for the Lord and was extremely proud of the fact that both Kevan and Dillon, his brother, followed in his footsteps as musicians, as their father was an accomplished piano player.


Lucairi: The Giorgio Knowles Interview Part I: Heritage

BOOM! Magazine contributor Keith Rolle sits down for an intimate discussion with Giorgio Knowles, creator of the first Bahamian luxury timepiece.

Keith: You started a number of businesses over the years; one that comes to mind is Conchience Clothing. How long has it been since you had the idea for a designer watch company?

Giorgio: I just got the idea this year (2013), late January. But before then I was searching for something else to do. I was searching for something bigger than clothing. Something that had never been done before. Something that when you think about it would almost make you sit back and say, "It can't be done by a Bahamian.”

I didn't know what it was but I kept my mind open; I kept my eyes open for a sign. I'm a