Maleah Gabrielle has had an amazing year so far in 2018. In February the 12 year old was crowned winner of the Junior Miss Galaxy Bahamas Pageant and has followed up this feat with news as the first Bahamian to be nominated in the Voices of Gospel Music Awards in Alabama.

Maleah's debut single "Happy", is an inspirational, pop-infused dance song. It encourages listeners to rely on their faith to get through difficult times and be thankful for the happy moments in their lives. "Happy" has earned Maleah a Youth Artist of the Year nomination and in many ways she is walking in the footsteps of her famous mother, 1992 Miss Bahamas pageant winner and prominent Gospel artist, Richa Sands. Richa has represented The Bahamas around the world and several of her songs have been covered by major U.S. gospel artists like Judy Jacobs and Juanita Bynum. If Maleah's first national and international steps are any indication, her future as a leader and as an artist hold great potential.

The Voices of Gospel Music Awards was founded in 2016 by Elder Gary Johnson and focuses on "providing a weekend of fun and excitement for Independent Gospel Music Artists, Pastors, Community and Civil Rights Leaders, Record Labels & Radio Personalities." Elder Johnson's experience hosting annual gospel music showcases over the last 7 years, operating as C.E.O. of the Gospel Radio Sounds Network and serving as a pastor at Miracle Temple Church in Mobile, Alabama, has empowered him to recognize gifted individuals who operate in various areas of service to their communities. KLR Management Group President, Keith L. Rolle, agreed saying, "Maleah Gabrielle's reign as Junior Miss Bahamas Galaxy has proven to be an exemplary example of servant leadership. Her music is also a reflection of an inspired work ethic. We are very proud of her success in our Award Show Circuit Strategy and you can expect to see her first EP release very soon. We ask everybody to support and pray God's guidance over Maleah and the teams who labor alongside, as she represents The Bahamas around the world.”

Online voting for the V.O.G.M.As is open now and will determine the winner in award categories. Voting ends April 25th. Click here https://www.vogma.org/ to vote.

"Happy" by Maleah Gabrielle

Lyric video of "Happy" by Maleah Gabrielle"

Behind the scenes footage of the video shoot for "Happy" by Maleah Gabrielle

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