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Written by: Tempestt Coleman

Representing the Bahamas, rapper Manifest is a sure force to be reckon with in the music industry. Fusing Reggae and Hip Hop with a Christ mes-age, Manifest is not only giving you feel good beats and clever rhymes, but life changing words of hope, love, practical living, faith and community. This man of God not only raps about life but what he lives. Elect chats with Manifest about his humble beginnings, the message in his music, and his very bright future ahead.

Elect Magazine: For those unfamiliar with your sound and the type of music you do, can you describe it to them?


Lyricallynn Interview - Part I

Keith: Not many of you know this artist as a solo artist or as Lyricallynn, but trust me, you're going to definitely get to know her to do. The person that I’m speaking about is one half of the group affectionately know as Jumelle, out of the beautiful island nation of St. Maarten. This is going to be really cool. I’m a little nervous right now. Without further adieu, let’s just jump into it and see what’s up.

Keith: Hello Lyricallynn, how you doin'?

Lyricallynn: I’m good! I am really good! This is so exciting to talk to you!

Keith: I’m telling you it’s real good to have you here. It’s been a little minute since I’ve seen you. And I was just telling our audience about— a little dash, not too much, just a little dash about the background with you as one half of the incredible group Jumelle. So why don’t you just give a little recap for our audience, in terms of who you are, and who Jumelle is. Lyricallynn: Well everybody knows me as Lyricallynn of The Johnson Sisters from way back when in the 90s we formed our group, back in 95. Later on we changed our name to Jumelle which is French for twin. My twin sister, of course everyone knows her as CJ, Cutie, she has gone through several name changes [laughs], but yeah we are from the island of St. Maarten, and we’ve been doing music for a very long time. We took a little break to go off to college, get married, get our family, but we never stopped doing music, so it’s good to be back. On another level it’s good to be more creative and stuff.

Keith: Right and when you all started you were really young. You were known as The Johnson Sisters originally --

Lyricallynn: --yes.


Caribbean Gospel Music Industry Interview with Keith L. Rolle and Allison Della Vecchia on Trinidad & Tobago's Isaac 98.1 FM

KLR Management Group & GXI Printing Presidents, Keith L. Rolle & Allison Della Vecchia, respectively, give Caribbean Gospel Industry Insights on the Isaac 98.1 FM show, "The Morning Drive w/ Jenelle."  Why are the majority of Caribbean Gospel artists difficult to find online? See more music, videos, interviews, myMEDIA


Rising Star: Angelique Sabrina

BOOM! Magazine's Keith L. Rolle gets Angelique’s take on what it means to represent a national brand, and subsequently a nation, covering the Bahamian National Anthem, “March On, Bahamaland.”

Keith: Okay, I have to begin this with a confession. I've been listening to your song "13" on radio for a while now, but until recently I did not know that was you. That is a really sweet song. How long have you been singing?


In the Hot Seat with Mr. J

38 year old virgin Mr. J is in the hot seat as he discusses his music and the methods to his madness with Keith L. Rolle.

Keith: I'm going to dive right in bro, you're a 38 year old virgin, why tell anybody? Much less drop a song and video about being one?

Mr. J: I like to encourage people to live in obedience to God's word. Many find or think it difficult to achieve certain level of obedience. In


From Pastor’s Kid to Indie Singing Sensation

BOOM! Magazine's Keith L. Rolle talks to Indie singing sensation Chesternique about her journey in life and music.

Keith: You grew up with a ministry focused family in the Bahamas. How has that shaped you?

Chesternique: Growing up in a ministry focused family has really built a spiritual foundation for me. I was always in and around the church but didn't commit to salvation until the age of 14. It was after this that I accepted the challenge, not to remain a baby in Christ but to grow and to do so healthily and steadily. Church became a second home for me, as my parents were heavily involved in ministry. I didn’t have a say in whether or not I wanted to go, or to participate. I was going to


Barz Noble: The Man Behind Symphonic Signatures

Editor-in-Chief, Vanessa Mott, sits down for an intimate conversation with Ricardo “Barz Noble” Neely.

Vanessa: The first thing I want to ask you is why “Barz Noble”? Your real name is Ricardo Neely, what made you become the artist Barz Noble? What does that name mean to you and what do you want people to feel when they hear that name? What is it to be synonymous with?

Barz Noble: Being distinct,I thought of it as being a distinct name. Barz is actually a marriage of two. Noble deals with character, Barz deals with the music or the lyrical part of it. I wanted to marry and put those two together so even in my music, when it transcends and when persons


Music to Ministry with Tamika Taylor

Songstress Tamika Taylor talks with Keith L. Rolle about life as a singer, mother, wife, and believer.

Keith: Right out the gate I’ve got to ask, where were you?

Tamika Taylor: I’ve been living a wonderful life. Serving, working, mentoring, being a wife, a mother and learning to balance it all.  

Keith: You went from a feature on a Peter Runks single, to releasing your debut single, to singing in front of thousands on a FAM Records stage in short order. Please share those experiences with us.  

Tamika Taylor: Although they are significant milestones in my life, there are also many other stages The Lord has allowed me the opportunity to experience. At the age of 19, I was guest soloist on TBN at the “Say Yes To Life” Candi Staton show. I have travelled with The Ministry of Tourism and other wonderful Bahamians to represent our country at the World Famous Apollo Theatre. Among those awesome experiences I’ve travelled and shared stages with artists like Israel Houghton, Fred Hammond and Donnie McClurkin at Bobby Jones’ Gospel Artists Retreats and Gospel Music Workshop of America conferences. Working with and being exposed to so many different people, throughout our beautiful Bahama islands and throughout a few of the United States of