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Don’t Die Here!

by Simmone L. Bowe, Transformation & Transition Strategist

Change involves several stages to its fruition. The first stage is the status quo – where you are right now. Where you are now may not even be a bad place but you know it is not serving you any longer. You are not growing, you are not fulfilled, you are not happy. In fact, you may be frustrated and angry. The next stage is a painful catalyst that drives you to get a picture of what you want your new normal to be. It can be a painful event or situation, it can be a-ha moment, a defining moment, a revelation – whatever it is that shakes you enough to wake you up and get you moving toward your new normal. What is that new normal? It is the vision of the new thing, the new place, or the new existence that would best serve you. You can see it, you can feel it, and you know what it would be like to be there: blissful. All you need to do is act. Take that first step, then the next, then the next and you’ll get there. That’s transition. What’s so hard about that? Well? It’s harder than it seems.

Change is hard enough. Deciding to make a change is never easy but now transition? You may be asking, ‘What is transition, exactly?’ Transition is the process or period of changing from one state to another. So for example, you decide to redecorate a room in your home or apartment. You know what it looks like now (status quo) and you know for sure that you want it to change (painful catalyst to change). You find photos of how you want your room to be (vision of the new thing). You take the plunge, set a budget and go about getting started on this project (inspired action). The transition is the period of making the actual changes needed to see the end result: the vision of your new room. The transition involves deciding on an alternative as to how you will cope while this room is out of commission, moving all of your furniture and items out of the room, pulling up and replacing the old carpet, priming and painting the walls, changing the curtains or blinds, shopping for new accessories, discarding items you may be attached to…and the list goes on. It is in the period of transition that for a moment you look at the room that is torn up and looking nothing like how you envisioned it and say, “What on earth was I thinking?” And you are too far gone to turn back, far enough away from the vision to be afraid you made the wrong choice but too close to give up without all your efforts being a colossal waste of time. It is in this period of transition where you are defined and refined as a visionary and discover whether you have what it takes to push until you see your vision come to pass. This is true for any change one undertakes, whether leaving a job, starting a business, going back to school, deciding to have a child, walking away from a relationship, or changing habits.


Z is for Zion

Photos and story by Torrell Glinton

Do you remember what was important when you were four years old? What memories do you value most from those years? I can’t recall much from that time, eons ago, but I know life was pretty simple. I imagine I looked forward to birthdays, Christmas, and playing outside with friends. I can still hear my mother calling me “Torrellllllllllllllll, please come inside.” For one four year old however, life is more complex and less free going. The beauty known as Zion Knowles.

Meet Zion. This little princess can recite the names of her medication with the same enthusiasm as other kids reciting their ABCs. Zion is four years old and her favorite color is pink. In May 2012, Zion was diagnosed with Leukemia, a cancer of the blood cells. I came to know of Zion’s story via Facebook. My assistant shared her story with me and having made a commitment to provide a photo session for one family affected by cancer each year, she suggested Zion and her family be our session for 2012. I agreed and we started planning. The idea for the shoot was simple: capture Zion and her family having fun. Although we planned ahead and purchased props, our fingers were crossed. We didn’t know what to expect. Would Zion be able to partake in the activities we had planned?


Moving from Stuck to Successful

by Simmone L. Bowe

Most persons have experienced a time in their life where they simply felt stuck. It could be a relationship that was not serving, a job that was not fulfilling, a business that was not what one thought it would be, or in a more general sense a life that quite simply does not feel meaningful or purpose-driven. We’ve all been there. Yet the question remains, how does one move beyond stuck to successful?

My passion for change and transformation came when I was pursuing graduate studies in 2001. One class in particular covered change models. It was the catalyst that transformed my life forever. We defined change, identified what an ideal state looks like, discussed why the status quo is so enticing yet frustrating, and how to make the bold and scary transition to one’s ideal state. This new information washed over me like an iced water bath of reality and woke me up from a “stuck stupor” to the realization that there was a better reality than the one I was content living in. Moreover, it prodded me to make the necessary changes to move toward that reality. The truth is, like many I had realized a few years before that there were things I needed to change but that knowledge alone was not enough to get me to move. It’s like the story of the moaning dog told by Les Brown, which I heard from transformational speaker Lisa Nicolls. The story goes that a man was walking in his neighborhood and passed an elderly couple sitting on their porch with their dog lying between them.


Industry Insider: Arthia Nixon

Coming from one of the most beautiful places in the world, Eleutheran, Arthia Nixon is making waves on an international scale. BOOM! Magazine takes a deeper look at Arthia’s journey from a family island to international success.

In 2014, a career in media can mean a multitude of things. From print to radio, TV, and the wide world of online media, becoming a master in all these areas can be a challenging thing to do. Yet Arthia Nixon has managed just that. Starting out as a reporter for The Tribune [Bahamas], Arthia has worked as a correspondent, publicist, media personality, promoter, writer, publisher, and has even appeared on three reality TV shows. She readily credits her success to a seed planted long ago by her father who encouraged her to “focus on what‟s happening in your world.” In an interview with BOOM! Magazine contributor Keith Rolle, Arthia vividly recalled being just eight years old and having her television time interrupted by her father and a newspaper. The headline? A Haitian drowning in Exuma complete with photos of the shark ravaged bodies. This was a sharp dose of reality and Arthia‟s first introduction to focusing on what was happening in the world around her. From that point forward Arthia would recount to her father one news story per day, a practice that stood her in good stead in the years to come.

To get her first job, Arthia took the direct route. Fresh out of high school she walked straight into The Tribune and asked to see editor Jean Marques. Impressed with her tenacity he hired her making The Tribune her first official introduction to the working world and journalism where she further enhanced her abilities to observe and report accurately. Arthia impressed her colleagues who were shocked to discover after election day coverage that she was not yet an adult; a conclusion drawn as she lacked the telltale purple voters thumb.


Easy to Love


You may disagree, but some people are easier to love than others. I know most of you are more evolved than I am and love everyone instantly, however, from time to time God puts a special someone in my path to test the limits of my love. John 15:17 says, "This is my command: Love each other.” This simple short verse is repeated numerous times. The thing about short verses with heavy words like 'command' and 'love' is that there is no wiggle room. There is no ambiguity. God expects us to do exactly what He says.

What does this mean for me and my attitude towards persons who I find challenging to love? Well… I go to God in prayer and ask Him to adjust my attitude and help me to love sincerely from the heart. I can almost see eyes rolling in disbelief but I'm telling you, prayer works for me. Give it a try and see what happens. Furthermore, I have to ask myself, "who am I to withhold my love when Christ gives it so freely to me?" That one question puts me in place every time.


Open House Trinidad

Open House concert is an event that began 10 years ago in 2003 with a mere 200 youths attending, but in 2013 with free admission, Open House "Lights On" drew a crowd of 10,000 youths over the course of the two day event. Open House Committee, comprised of friends Javed and his wife Jen Bachew, Rakesh Rahim and Rebekah Fuentes, set a precedence as the best of Trinidad’s gospel events for 2013 with their seventh concert. The vision of this event is to deposit the desire for excellence through spirit-led worship, to bring salvation to the people of Trinidad and a time to encourage the youths in the churched and a great opportunity to bring along unsaved family and friends.


242 Untapped Reality TV Series Season 2: The Search for the Next Gospel Star!

“242Untapped,” a gospel music competition and reality series based in the Bahamas, just wrapped up their second season with a fresh group of contestants and new vision from Executive Producer Jasper Haeward. At the age of 21, Jasper can be described as a Bohemian Bahamian-artsy and eclectic, with a full understanding of her market’s needs. Brought in for the second season by the show’s creator and CEO of Elevation Records, Vince McDonald, Jasper's focus was on expanding the concept delivered in the first season. During our interview, Jasper pointed out that "Season one was more audition and compete, whereas this year you actually got to know the contestants."

For Jasper this season was truly about expanding the reality show aspect. As a former producer and developer of youth programming for Guardian Radio Bahamas and founder of The Bahamas' Actors & Filmmakers Guild, Jasper is in touch with local media and the pop culture community. To cater to their desired market, “242Untapped” expanded the show’s format to include "challenges, behind the scenes footage, and each contestant's background story." As Jasper said, “This season it was more than just contestants with a mic, it was songwriters and ministers, people who fully understand the mission as a gospel artist.”