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J Square’s musical journey began with an induction in Mission Epistle. Mission Epistle is a seasoned group which was in existence approximately four years prior to J Square’s involvement. Keron Thomas, the group’s leader observed Square

(as he is commonly referred to) frequently as he sang at various small church events and concerts. At that time Square was with a group of young people who went by the name Disciples for Christ. He had recently come out of his childhood squad Missionaries for Christ who split after members went their separate ways perusing solo projects. The dynamic duo Swayne and Dwayne Bedeau together with Keron Woodly offered Square a position in their newly formed crew Disciples for Christ. Here is where Keron Thomas met up with J Square

J Square was a member of Mission Epistle for five (5) years, and it was these five years which truly shaped J Square into the music minister and business man that he has turned out to be today. As a member of Mission (as they are commonly referred to) J Square was the public relations officer and his job specs entailed creating press kits for the group and promoting the group via web and various media houses. He was also a lead singer and on the groups’ strength J Square was able to perform in various countries including New York, Bahamas, Grenada and St Vincient. On April 15th 2006 Mission Epistle launched their debut album “Stand Up” in Grenada and subsequently on August 12th 2006 in Trinidad. The launch was successful pivoting Mission Epistle as one of Trinidad’s superlative groups. Following the success of the album Mission Epistle released their debut Video for the hit single “Meditate” and they received immense television air time due to the success of the video. From then to now the video has been aired on Act25 :-the only Gospel television Station in Trinidad and Tobago, Synergy TV, Tempo which covers the majority of islands in the Caribbean, RETV in Jamaica and Onion TV in Bermuda. The video was also nominated for best Reggae Video and best Group video in the Marlin Awards 2009.

Late 2006 also saw J square’s ministry expanding from just behind the microphone but up close and personal with the cameras. He was the “side kick” for Mention’s “Bring De Riddim” show which was a live show every Tuesday at 8PM on Acts 25. The show featured top Gospel acts across the island that would come on the program to promote their events or new projects. His charisma and charm warmed the hearts of many viewers and is arguably the period in his career where people started recognizing this new face in gospel music. After a year J Square was offered his own show “Riddim on De Road” which he still does to this day, covering all major gospel events in the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Some of the Gospel ministers he has interviewed include:- Donnie Mc Curklin, Mary Mary, Papa San, Sherwin Gardner, Manifest & Dumamis Soundz, Landlord, Double Six, Jadee, Positive, Isaac Blackman, Pastor Terrance Baines, Nicole Ballosingh-Holder, Koen Duncan,Todah,Gitta Dan amongst many new and upcoming gospel singers and musicians. However J Square’s musical career was slowly going opposite to the direction of his group Mission Epistle.

Early 2008 J Square left Mission Epistle, despite the success he had acquired with the group as his foundation. He felt it was time to make a career move. To this day Square and the members of Mission Epistle still have a great working relationship even teaming up for the Mr. Lynx

Concert August 08.
Following Mission Epistle, J Square released his debut Mixtape titled “Square Peg Round Hole” which featured hits such as “Don’t Touch Me There” , “Make The Move-A-Ment” and “My Empress”. 500 copies are currently circulating in and around Trinidad and Tobago. J Square is preparing for his 2nd School tour where he hopes to deliver another 500 copies of his 18 track mixtape, which was revamped to include features by God’s Farmer and Virtuous.

Presently J Square is working on his Compilation CD titled “Higher Ground”. A ten (10) song album featuring songs he has released as a solo artist over the years. It is carded to drop early in November 08. He has just completed his debut video for one of the singles off the Compilation titled “Pressing On”. The video was shot and edited by Rodney Sammy-Guilarte who also shot and edited “Meditate”. J Square is also teaming up with God’s Farmer to release a collaborative mixtape “Carnal Crucifixion”. Its carded to drop early 2009.

2009 is going to be the year of promotions for this young gospel minister. An island tour is already in the making, as J Square is trying to broaden his regional reach. The islands Square is trying to make some headway in are:- Grenada, St Vincent, St Lucia, Bermuda and Jamaica. Square is also wrapping up a recording deal with an independent label with major distribution in the Bahamas, where if things work out he would also release his official debut album in summer 2009. Great things are in store for this young entrepreneur, its only time that will tell what would become of this young man.

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