Marvin Driggs

Marvin Driggs steps forward on to the Gospel music scene to slay giants with the debut 5 song EP, Five Stones: The Giantslayer!

Born Shelwinton David Driggs and affectionately called

"Marvin", this Trinidad & Tobago native hails from humble beginnings in the town of Arima, where he began serving as a Worship minister in his church, the New Testament Church of God Calvary, at the age of 17. Within two years, Marvin discovered his gift for songwriting, and spent over 20 years serving his congregation.

Marvin Driggs' mission field expanded dramatically and in unexpected fashion, when at the age of 22, he became a firefighter. Marvin's work as a Firefighter placed him into contact with people from all walks of life. Through these encounters, Marvin's love for people and his community grew to become all encompassing in Jesus Christ.

"People engage in any and every activity that appeals to their senses, so that they may satisfy a need to worship something. The world is lacking truth though, so people are shutting out The Holy Spirit.", he says, "Because songs are musical meditation pouring unto and into someone, we can use this outpouring of The Word to replace what is presently being downloaded into the heart of the people. By downloading God's thoughts into the hearts of men, crime, corruption and spiritual perversion can be eradicated from society."

Just as David armed himself with five stones before going to face Goliath, Marvin's prayer for society is that we arm ourselves with the tools to overcome the giants in our lives.

For more information about Marvin Driggs, you can go to and check out his YouTube channel, Marvin Driggs

Enjoy the debut single, "My God", below.

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