Nigel Lewis

When “Movin” erupted onto airwaves in 1996 and everybody was caught up in "Moving to the Left," Nigel Lewis became a household name. He has since achieved many successes and accolades including the highest musical honor in Trinidad and Tobago, when he was crowned Road

March King. The phenomenal tide continued the following year when Nigel’s mega hit “Follow the Leader” planted a seed that is still growing today with over 500,000 certified copies sold, making it the largest single copyright revenue earner in the history of Calypso music. Nigel’s musical journey began on the island of Tobago, the smaller of the twin islands that make up the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, located in the southern Caribbean Sea. His parents, a dancer and jazz musician respectively, definitely influenced his career path. Since the tender age of seven, Nigel sought refuge from hardships by imposing his self made security blanket called music where he draws from his personal triumphs. By the time Nigel was fourteen he had written and sung a song for the Prime Minister of his country, addressing the poor living conditions in his hometown of Toco. Shortly after Nigel’s performance the poverty stricken town of Toco saw improvements.

Nigel Lewis has developed into a remarkable singer/songwriter/musician in many ways. Lewis taught himself to play six instruments without formal classroom training and his clairvoyant lyrics have confronted universal issues, such as poverty, world peace and voting rights. His music is chock full of dance jams while sending shares of praises, unapologetic messages, and inspiration to those it touches.

“My music is about the people, not me. It is how the once dubbed “party vocalist of the year” describes his calling. Although his trademark is up-tempo party songs, Nigel’s main source of inspiration comes from his relationship with God. Nigel loves to interact with people, which is why his songs are known as call and response music that require the audience to take part in the songs and enjoy them. Lewis also mentions “It is a joy to watch people having fun”. While his dynamic live performances have captivated audiences worldwide, his music gives listeners food for the soul. Nigel has always been willing to be the voice of the people. Today, Nigel’s bustling, energetic performances have helped to take him across the world with his band “HD” entertaining people and leaving a symbol of excellence wherever he goes. Nigel’s seventh and eighth albums showcase his talent as a singer, songwriter and producer. His growth is evident in the recognition that he continues to receive. In 2011 Nigel Lewis received the International Reggae & World Music Award (RAWMA), for Best Gospel Song. In 2014 Nigel received regional recognition with ten Caribbean Gospel Music Marlin Award nominations for his album “Unlock the Block”, and took home the Marlin for Adapted Reggae Recording of the Year for his hit single, “God Over Everything.” Nigel now has seven Marlin Award nominations including “Album of the Year” (N.O.W. - No Other Way), Producer of the Year, Reggae Recording of the Year (My God feat. Papa San), Calypso Recording of the Year & Song of the Year for hit single, “My God’ feat award winning Bahamian choir ensemble Shaback.   

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