From the struggling yet culturally rich settlement of Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama emerges Avalanchee an award winning and lyrically hard-hitting Kingdom Reggae Artist. With a catalog boosting hit albums such as "Hard 2 di core" and "Uncut" leading to him winning The 2006 Vocal Performance of the Year and The 2008 Reggae Hip Hop Recording of the Year. Along with two groundbreaking mixtapes "Fearless Onez" and "All Out" which helped propel Avalanchee to the 2010 New York's Kingdom Choice Award For Reggae Gospel artist of the year. In this

new album from Avalanchee titled "It's Passion" you can expect to get a superior sound and brilliant music from one of today's best Reggae Artist.

Avalanchee was originally a group comprised of two members, brothers Mario and Marco Gibson. However Marco withdrew from the forefront and decided to work behind the scenes resulting in Mario stepping into prominence as Avalanchee. This will be the First album for Avalanchee as a solo artist and it is titled "It's Passion" the title for the album is inspired by Avalanchee's Passion to effect change through his Music. The new album will be available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon mp3 and most digital media May 11th 2012.

"It's Passion" is comprised of 12 tracks with a strong collection of producers including Ronnie "Dj Frost" Cash, Commonwealth Productions, Adiktus Musik, and lion Sound. In this album Avalanchee is set to change the sound of reggae music with his signature heartfelt vocals and lyrically powerful songs that deliver upbeat flows on explosive beats. "It's Passion" includes notable influences of R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae and Dancehall. The album's dynamic range of songs includes the first and second single "Rainfall" and "More God in we Country" which became instant favorites for local and international radio stations, also a favorite among reggae fans everywhere. Mario explains, "The name Avalanchee is derived from the word avalanche, which means 'a mass of snow falling rapidly down a mountainside.' Like the great force of an avalanche, this ministry is unstoppable. And like the tumbling snow, no obstacles can keep me from achieving my goal of using Kingdom Reggae to uplift the masses. Hence the name Avalanchee. (Avalanche He) He's like an Avalanche" Avalanchee describes his music as "traditional Reggae in style and flow, coupled with the life-saving message of Christ as the foundation of all things."


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