2017 Caribbean Prayer and leadership Summit to be held at Myles Munroe Diplomat Center in Nassau, Bahamas

Rev Dr Alisa Butler Hamilton
Caribbean Regional Coordinator

Ministers Prayer Network International (MPN) is a global, prayer and leadership effort, whose scope spans across several nations of the world, and whose goal is to pursue the positive transformation of our cities and nations, through prayer and exemplary dynamic leadership. It is a prophetic and an apostolic move of God, that seeks to encourage Godly and prophetic leaders around the world, to fulfill their mandates wherever they are planted.  

The Caribbean Summit is designed to unite the spiritual governmental authority in the host nation (Bahamas) as well as foster relationships among the people of God in the Caribbean islands. The Summit seeks to reaffirm our spiritual elders at the gates of our nations, and to encourage the apostolic work through our men, women and youths.   

This is our opportunity to meet as a spiritual force and strategically set in motion the unity required to bring transformation through the power of God to nations of the Region. The Summit is a time of prayer, prophetic intercessions and apostolic teachings as the sons of God arise and walk in our dominion in the earth.  

The theme of this 6th Summit is Divine Manifestations of His Power and indeed we gather with great expectations for a divine release of the Power of our Lord Jesus Christ during the summit days

Tuesday July 25th to Sunday 30th July at Myles Munroe Diplomat Center – Carmichael Road, Nassau, Bahamas

Schedule of Meetings

Tuesday 25th  July 7.00pm Opening Night FREE
Wednesday 26th to Saturday 29th 9.00am Morning Sessions US$50 covers all 4 days (one day US$20)
Wednesday 26th to Saturday 29th 7.00pm Evening Sessions FREE
Saturday 29th July  2pm to 5pm  YOUTH RALLY


There will be delegates from nations including Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and USA being part of this awesome apostolic move of God in Bahamas and we indeed look forward to the Kingdom Ambassadors in Bahamas to support and be part of this assignment.  

To pre register for the conference or for further information you can call Bahamas Faith Ministries at 461-6475 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.